Welcome to the "BI Self-Test"

Please answer 8 short questions in about 5 minutes in order to evaluate your Business Intelligence (BI) skills .

What data do you use and integrate in your digital analysis?

Which reporting and analysis technologies are at your disposal?

How do you measure your corporate objectives?

Does your company have well-defined corporate objectivesd?

Who is in charge of digital analysis at your company? Is there a clearly defined role?

How is your digital analysis team organized?

Do you have standard processes for data analysis and generation of insights?

Who is able to create business reports and analyses and which methods do you use?

What is your name?

Thank your for your answers.

Seasoned organizations use relevant technologies to enable correct data aggregation, intelligent reporting and perceptive easy-to-use
visualization in one self-service software solution.

Further analyses like statistical modelingprediction and machine learning enable seasoned organizations to gain comprehensive insights about clients, products and markets.

Digital businesses define clear goals and evaluate their success by using structured KPIs. They establish formal processes and methods to sustain systematic and data-driven growth.

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